Thursday, April 12, 2018

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Walking to Panmure and Panmure yarnt club and st matthais.

This morning we went to walk to Panmure and Panmure yarnt club and if your wondering what that is it was where they built the third bridge but since they bust it down so now people go there to fish. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Bridge recount

On a sunny saturday  in march 13 1852 there was a man that lived in a small house next to a swing bridge so there was 5 beautiful ladies they were the Fencibles wives and Daughters they said hi willam here is our token for you then they all gave there token to him then he  replied back where are you going they said we are going to the mall to go shop for close then Willam opened the bridge for then they cross so excited to go shopping for new clothes then they Quickly said thank you then he replied your welcome and said have a good day bye.

My truss bridge

This is me and my groups Truss bridge that we made out of pasta. At first we had no idea what to make then when it was almost morning tea so we were not in a rush then everyone decided to be on there own then they went by there self then I heard my teacher growling  them then when me and my classmate finished making it then they decided to join in now when we finished  then they said you didn't help us and said yes I did it was my idea of the triangles then I said so don't bots it then it was morning tea then she said we can go first to morning tea.